Because of the fact that pets cannot tell us what is wrong with them when they are having a problem, and often tend to try and hide any sort of problem or pain, the problems are pretty well advanced by the time they are seen by a veterinarian. As a result, when ill, the veterinarian seeing the case may make a determination that additional diagnostics are needed to determine the root cause of your pet’s condition.

In other situations, a pet may present in such a state that they need to be admitted to the hospital and stabilized before any further work ups can be performed.

In any event, Chiquita Animal Hospital is prepared to handle those cases, with an on-site laboratory, that allows us to perform a number of tests, a full surgical suite in the event emergency surgery is needed, and additional diagnostic options which include both digital x-ray and ultrasound. If the veterinarian attending to your pet’s condition determines that your pet’s case is more involved, they will refer you to one of the local specialist hospitals with whom we have cultivated very strong working relationships with over the years. If that happens, rest assured that your veterinarian here at Chiquita Animal Hospital will be apprised of the situation by the specialist on a regular basis for as long as treatment takes.