Periodically, as our veterinarians are seeing cases on a walk in basis, it may be determined that those cases require immediate surgical care.

In the event that is necessary, the veterinarians and staff will make adjustments if possible to our schedule, and do our best to accommodate the needs of the patient in need of urgent treatment. That pet will be admitted, and a treatment plan will be created and reviewed with you, the client, and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions about the procedure, expected outcome, and follow up care needs.

We do ask at that time, if your pet requires admission to the hospital and emergency surgical care, that you please provide a deposit of at least 50-75% of the treatment plan. As is often the case with emergencies, it is not an exact science in terms of what needs to be done, and so it may be difficult to ascertain the exact amount in terms of the financial terms. Our staff will do their best to advise you of any changes to the treatment plan costs you were initially provided and together you can determine the steps you wish to take based on your own individual situation and the medical recommendations of the doctor.