Emergencies with pets are unexpected. Often pets seem fine one minute and then are experiencing difficulty the next. Or perhaps they have found their way into something they shouldn’t have? In any event, it’s very likely that if you own a pet, at some point or another, you will be dealing with an emergency situation.

Chiquita Animal Hospital is equipped to handle urgent care and emergency arrivals during our normal business hours. We offer the option to see patients on an emergency basis, without a scheduled appointment. We have a veterinarian allocated each day to see these cases; they don’t see scheduled appointments when they are the urgent care or walk in doctor.

On the plus side, you will always have the opportunity to a skilled and qualified veterinarian available to see your pet, during any of our normally scheduled business hours. The downside – which is slight – is that there will most likely be a wait associated with this service as cases are triaged and seen by the veterinarian on a medical need basis, which means that other pets who arrive after you but are more critical in nature, may be taken ahead of your pet. In these situations, our staff will do their best to keep you advised as to changes in wait time, etc,.. Access to this service works much in the same fashion as a human ER or Urgent Care Center.

After Hours Emergency and Urgent Care

For situations that present where you have an emergency or urgent care need and our office is closed, please contact Animal ER of Southwest Florida (239-673-7426).