Chiquita Animal Hospital offers a multitude of diagnostic services to aid in the treatment of your pet. These services include the following:

  • Diagnostic Digital X-Ray
  • Diagnostic Digital Dental X-Ray
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Laboratory testing

While the majority of our laboratory work is run in-house by our own trained staff, for specific tests, we will use an outside lab and send the samples out. Some examples may be biopsies that are sent out from surgical procedures. They will be reviewed by an outside veterinarian who specializes in review of biopsy specimens and provides our doctors with a full assessment of their findings.

Additionally, in the course of an examination, if our doctors determine that additional diagnostics or treatment is in the best interest of the pet, and we do not have the capabilities or equipment required to perform these procedures, they will refer your pet to one of the local specialist clinics for care. We have worked for many years to develop a positive relationship with these clinics and their doctor staff to ensure that referrals receive the best care possible, and we maintain continuity of care through continuous exchange of information throughout the course of treatment at the referral clinic.


For certain ailments we need to perform further testing to help determine the cause of the disease using equipment like the Eklin DR Digital x-ray machine, the Phillips ultrasound machine or an Olympus endoscopy.

The Eklin DR digital x-ray system is one of the best systems available on the market today. The clarity of each x-ray is excellent and it gives us the ability view images in great detail. All the doctors at Chiquita Animal Hospital have had extensive training in interpretation of radiographs (x-ray images). Dr. Kacoyanis won the radiology award from University of Prince Edward Island upon graduating.

On-Site Laboratory

Because diagnostic testing is so critical, Chiquita Animal Hospital maintains a modern, on premise lab that enables our medical team to provide prompt results, avoiding dangerous delays in treatment, and minimizing wait time. For testing run on-site, quality control is assured. Our skilled and dependable staff provide consistency of results each day.