Chiquita Animal Hospital offers a full range of products and comprehensive testing related to parasite control and and prevention.

Living in the Florida environment means that certain parasites are ever present and you must take measures to protect your pet against infection. While keeping your pet on prevention year round is recommended, it is not 100% (there are no guarantees in terms of medicines or medical services), so our doctors will also recommend that you supplement your pet’s protection with laboratory testing which can include things such as fecal screenings (recommended at least once a year with your pet’s annual exam), and a heart worm test.

The fecal test can help identify parasites that may be effecting your pet and you are unaware. The most common gastrointestinal parasites seen here [in the parasite heaven that is semi-tropical South Florida] include:

  • Roundworms in dogs and cats
  • Hookworms in pets
  • Whipworms in pets
  • Giardia in pets
  • Liver flukes in pets
  • Coccidia in pets

Click here for more information about intestinal parasites.

Additionally, we recommend testing for heart worm disease to ensure that your pet’s are protected against this parasite. For information on heart worm disease, please click here.

Flea Prevention

It is just as important to protect your pet from fleas. Fleas can spread quickly and can not only infect the host, but also the environment, potentially infecting any other pets that may be in your household. We offer preventative products, as well as products for treatment if the pet is already infected, along with treatment for the pet’s environment.

For more information related to fleas and prevention, please click here.

Please ask your doctor or one of our medical staff about which preventative product may be best for your pet, and check with your doctor about testing, especially fecal tests and heart worm tests.