Please complete all of the following information as it will allow our staff to pull your pet's records and verify against your request, ensuring that your pet receives the most appropriate medication, food, or prevention products.
  • 24 Hour Requirement

    We do require 24 hours to review and fulfill your request(s) for medication, food, or prevention products. We appreciate your understanding!
  • Client Information

  • Medication and Dosage Information

    Please try to be as specific as possible in this section as the doctor and medical staff will be reviewing the request based on the dosages you indicate you are providing the pet.
  • Refills from Outside Clinics

    Please understand that the state of Florida and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) guidelines prevent us from functioning as a 'pharmacy'. Additionally, they require that a doctor-client-patient relationship exist with our practice, and as such, we cannot refill or dispense medications without having seen your pet at our hospital within the last year for an examination.